“If I change my opinion, I’m weak” – Interview with Eva Sollie from EQ Institute about social media filter bubbles

 Why are some of us more susceptible to filter bubbles and radicalization on social media? That’s what I talk about with Emotional Intelligence therapist Eva Sollie from the EQ Institute. Feel free to listen to part of our conversation. (Norwegian)



Diploma from EQ Insititute

I finally received my diploma from the EQ Institute. Left: Eva A. Sollie, head og administration and EQ therapist; Right: Heidi Glesnes, EQ therapist

On June 20th, 2017, I finally received my diploma from the EQ Institute – documenting a year full of learning, self-reflection, laughter and tears. Today I believe more than ever that emotional intelligence is the number one business skill for the age of digitalization.

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